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Post  CloverDiNovis13 on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:11 am

Born into a wealthy Japanese family, Clover lived a life that bred her to be a lady of society. She existed with the finest silks and sweetest teas for 13 years, until another personality broke out of the sweet and cultured girl that the parents loved so dearly, a merciless and chaotic soul that was intent on wreaking havoc upon everything. The parents hired exorcists, doctors, psychologists, therapists, even psychics to find the source of the new being, but nobody could explain where it came from, where it departed to after their child returned to normal, or why it was there. The hordes of specialists they hired ran their financial accounts into the ground, and, fearing the new destructive needs of their child, threw her out onto the street and left her to survive. She spent much time on the docks, dominating bar brawls with a self-styled katana and brilliant precision and having to grow up far quicker than she should have in her delicate state. She was near dead by the time that Genesis Corp caught wind of her talents and thought to hire her...

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