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Post  Lyncea Corvin on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:45 pm

Lyncea Corvin was born to unknown parents who left her on the streets the night she was born. That night a man found her and took her in as his own. He was 28 years old, living on the streets, and was part of a small underground gang. He tried his best to raise her as a normal child but was unable to protect her from exposure to his profession which was a thug at the time. When she was older he was forced to bring her with him when he was sent to "take care" of someone. Through these observations she learned that the best way to defend yourself is through violence.

At age twelve the gang took her from his custody and tried to utilize her as a thug, eventually however, they realized her anger was directed at them for what they had done to him and was of no use. After that she was detained in a small room and was only kept to "eliminate" those who were no longer of use to them. At age fourteen she killed the guard as he let an unsuspecting victim into her room and freed herself.

Until she was sent to Nova she kept searching for her father who was missing. The only leads she had was that they dropped him in a river after beating him within an inch of his life. Where he went from there was unknown.
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