X7 Gene Test Subject: Sonja Chronos

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X7 Gene Test Subject: Sonja Chronos Empty X7 Gene Test Subject: Sonja Chronos

Post  Sonja Chronos on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:34 am

Name: Sonja Chronos
Type: 1
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Icy Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 90 lbs
Personality: Sonja is very detached from her surrounding, often completely ignoring trivial things other believe to be amusing. She has no sense of sarcasm or humor which leads to her misunderstanding people on occasion. She has a calm demeanor. She is often the last to speak unless she believes the issue demands attention. She is quick to take action on her own initiative and slow to anger. Although she does not have the Seer X7 gene, she does have an unmatched sense of intuition. She can be a bit stubborn when it comes to doing things she believes to be important her way.
Background: As a child Sonja and her family were caught in the middle of a rebellion. Her parents were brutally murdered by Genesis Corp in the confusion of the battle. Her brother was an X7, one of the most powerful undiscovered type 2 hosts. During the battle he pulled Sonja away from the gun-fire and used his abilities to defend her from harm. Genesis saw his incredible ability to deflect and control where the bullets went and sent another X7 group to detain him. He killed several of these hosts before he was knocked out and captured before her eyes. She believes they killed him, however he still lives.

Once orphaned she tried to survive on her own, sometimes becoming mixed up with the wrong crowds, until she came to an underground "resistance" force called Degeneration. Still very young, they molded her into the perfect mercenary. The leader took her under his wing so to speak, beating her when she failed in her mission. He was a cruel, heartless man who trained her to reject everything and only trust in Degeneration....something that would fail her.

Shortly before they finished her training she overheard the leader speaking with a strange man. As is her nature, she sat outside the room to see what was going on. The entirety of her being became enraged when she heard that they planned on selling their best "creation" Sonja to Genesis Corp as a seasoned soldier. She broke through the door only to become even more angry, she saw that the man he was speaking to was the officer that killed her family. She broke and destroyed the entire facility. She she awoke from her rage she was horrified at what she had done. After that her calm and warm personally changed, she shut down emotionally and lost most of her sense of compassion, sociability, and humor.
Likes: Silence, Dark Places, Night, and Singing (although she will always ignore you when you compliment her abilities.)
Dislikes: Loud Noises, Crowds, Bright Lights, Idiots, and Disrespect
Hates: Cowards
Weapon: Hand to Hand and Pistols.
Intelligence: 8/10

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Post  Ricard on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:52 am

Type: Carries traits from both 2 and 3
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: One Red/One Blue
Race: Wolf
Normal Weight: 80lbs

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Human Form

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Wolf Form

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